10 May 2022

Are you thinking about ordering a new MINI this year?

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Update on MINI Production

The war in Ukraine has a significant impact on the country’s automotive supply industry. Our prime concern remains the safety and welfare of our suppliers. We are continuing to engage in intensive discussions with our suppliers.

Together we are continually assessing the parts situation and defining measures to secure production in the best possible way to meet the continued high demand for customers.

The situation remains volatile. We still expect that supply restrictions due to the war in Ukraine, combined with the ongoing semiconductor bottlenecks may lead to further production adjustments.

Update on Current Orders

Existing customer orders are our top priority in rescheduling production, but some delays are unavoidable. Retailers will be in contact directly with customers as soon as we have information regarding individual orders. You can contact your local Lloyd MINI Centre using the link below.

Contact your local Lloyd MINI Centre 

Are you thinking about ordering a new MINI in the next 12 months? If the answer is yes, we would advise you to plan further ahead than you might have done in the past. This is due to unprecedented demand, and the global shortage of semi-conductors that’s affecting all motor manufacturers, resulting in delayed new vehicle delivery times and limited supply this year.

As your local MINI retailer, your customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. One of the most exciting parts of ordering your new MINI is being able to customise and personalise it to your style, selecting the exact colours, wheels, upholstery, technology and accessories, building a car that’s unique to you.

By pre-ordering your new MINI earlier than you usually would this year, we will ensure that your build slot takes priority and you will have the added benefit of being able to configure and perfect your car.

Alternatively, we have over 200 Approved Used MINIs in our stock, and a limited supply of immediate delivery new cars in our stock that have been pre-configured, but some models will not be available. 

The unique ability to customise each MINI to the driver’s personality is just one of the reasons why the brand is so well-loved, along with the excellent drive and game changing tech of the vehicles. As the third best-selling vehicle in the UK in 2021, we can only see this popularity increasing in 2022 and already have a large order bank for the year.

What are you waiting for? Contact your local Lloyd MINI centre to discuss this in more detail if you plan on changing your MINI in the next 12 months, or click below to browse our range of new models.

Contact your local Lloyd MINI Centre 

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