19 June 2023

Lloyd BMW Electric Influencers with Kenny Hogg.

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In this first instalment of our series, we sat down with local business owner Kenny Hogg as he discussed making the switch to BMWi a few months ago.
As owner and manager of Fantails Restaurant based in Wetheral, Carlisle, Kenny often commutes around the county for business as well as spending a lot of his free time in the Lake District, so we were interested to know how his new car works with his lifestyle.

We caught up with him at his restaurant to ask him some questions about why he chose to make the switch to BMWi and how he feels about his new car a few months on.

(Pictured: Kenny with his BMW iX xDrive40 M Sport outside Fantails)

Hi Kenny, thanks for joining us. So, let’s start with what encouraged you to make the switch.

Thanks for having me. So, let’s start at the beginning. I have always been a fan of BMW cars and over the years I have probably had around 15 either personally or through the business. I started to think about making the switch after a few of my friends did; I’m a big believer that things always go forwards and never backwards, so if electric cars are the future, then this something I wanted to educate myself on. Plus, I know they are better for the planet and I wanted to feel as though I was doing my bit.

After speaking to friends, reading articles and watching YouTube videos, I decided this could possibly be viable for me so I went to speak to the BMWi specialist at Lloyd BMW who gave me further advice on a car that would fit my lifestyle. I was looking for something with a good range, striking design and advanced technology.  – and the rest is history.

So, how easy was it to make the switch to electric?

I think it’s more a psychological barrier more than anything else. Many people wouldn’t feel confident driving an electric car unless their battery was full but the same people would be completely fine driving on ¼ of a tank of petrol. So, it’s just about a change in mindset.

Something that really helped me to visualise living with electric was making a spreadsheet of my average monthly commutes and longer journeys to see if the range would work for me. I can easily commute around Cumbria on the battery available and when I’m doing longer journeys like driving for 3 or 4 hours, I would stop for a drink and to stretch my legs anyway so spending 15 mins rapid charging my car isn’t an issue.

Perhaps planning becomes more important for long journeys in an electric car, but to be honest with the UK’s charging network growing each day and my car’s ability to find the closest charging stations and let me know in advance which chargers are available to stop me having to queue, then a lot of the thought is taken out of it.

(Pictured: Kenny with his BMW iX xDrive40 M Sport outside Fantails)

How well does your BMW iX xDrive40 M Sport work for your lifestyle and have you seen a reduction in your fuel bills?

I can fit two sets of golf clubs in the boot so that’s me sorted (laughs). On a serious note, the range is great, the boot size is ample, there’s lots of room in the cars itself and the technology is second to none. This BMW iX xDrive40 M Sport s easily the highest tech car I have ever owned and they have definitely got it spot on. The kids love it too and it’s great to be able to open and close the boot remotely from my phone as the family are always in and out of it.

Far and away my favourite feature is being able to remotely turn my aircon on before I get in the car – especially on days like this! Phew! Another really helpful feature is the Driving Assist and Speed Limiter functions, especially for close quarter driving in city centres.

As for a reduction in my fuel bills, there definitely has been. I predominantly use my Wall Box charger at home rather than public charging, so there was a cost to getting that installed and an ever so slight increase in my electricity bills but on the whole, I am definitely saving money.

Is there anything you wish you’d known when making the switch that could have made the transition smoother?

The trickiest bit for me was understanding charging; I wish there had been more information readily available about this, as well as a breakdown of how to use the App.
You can find Lloyd BMWs brand new BMWi ownership guide which breaks down charging and the BMW App.

Finally, would you recommend BMWi and could you ever see yourself switching back to petrol?

I can’t see myself switching back to petrol now, no. I often do recommend electric to friends and family. They’re great from both a personal and a business perspective due to Benefit in Kind (BIK).

Here at Lloyd BMW, we offer a completely free BMWi specialist service where you can speak to a friendly local expert to see if making the switch would suit you. Find your nearest  Lloyd BMW retail centre to speak to our team today.

For more information about charging, current offers and making the switch, view our BMWi electric guide.

More Information;
Fantails is a family-run restaurant with a rich 25-year history based in the heart of Wetheral village in Carlisle. View Fantails Website

 (Pictured Kenny Hogg (middle) and his team).

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