17 May 2023

BMW Electric Questions

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Meet Rob, our BMW electric car, or BMWi, specialist here at Lloyd BMW. Rob has worked alongside our team since 2016 and like most people, he was attracted to the BMW brand because of their reputation for premium craftsmanship and innovative technology; but more than this, he sought to specialise in guiding customers through the electric research and purchasing experience because he genuinely believes that BMWi is the future.

After living with electric himself for a number of years, Rob is on hand to answer all of your FAQs about the world of electric cars; the best things about living with electric, common mistakes that customers make and what Rob wishes everyone knew before making the switch.

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If you are interested in more BMW electric content, you should read our Lloyd BMW Electric Influencers Series. In this first instalment of our series, we sat down with local business owner Kenny Hogg as he discussed making the switch to BMWi a few months ago. Read our blog here. 



Ask Rob; what does a BMWi specialist actually do? Would it benefit me to speak to one?

So, tell us Rob, what does a BMWi specialist actually do?

Good question, we have a BMWi specialist at each of our six Lloyd BMW retail centres across northern England and our job is to support both retail and business customers through the electric car research and purchasing process. We’re on hand to answer any questions and queries related to electric car ownership including finance, charging and more.
A lot of the time we provide additional information to customers who are looking to make the switch to electric, as well as talking through their lifestyle to find their perfect BMWi car in terms of range, specification and boot space.

The most unique element of my job is that I can experience new technology first hand as soon as it is launched by the BMW UK team; high-level manufacturer training enables BMWi specialists to understand the technology that powers the cars and how to use it most effectively, which makes us best placed to support customers in their BMWi ownership.

Would it benefit me to speak to a BMWi specialist?

Yes, totally. Our BMWi service is completely free and provides a deep insight into BMWi ownership and the purchasing process and is available for both retail and business customers.

Our BMWi specialists are BMWi drivers themselves so they have first-hand experience of driving, living and working with electric. Aside from being ambassadors, our BMWi specialists are aware of different customer needs and lifestyles and specialise in helping to match customers to the right BMWi vehicle.


Everyone has their own reason for thinking about going electric, whether it’s to reduce your carbon foot print, save money on fuel costs or for the feel of electric and the performance aspects, speaking to a BMWi specialist can help you understand which car would be right for you and provide additional support and guidance for BMWi purchase and ownership.

Contact your local dealership and ask to be referred to your local BMWi specialist today. 

If you would like to find out more about BMWi ownership through our BMWi Ownership Guide.


Ask Rob; there’s a lot of misconceptions about electric, how do I sort the fact from the fiction?

Sorting fact from fiction in the electric car market can be tricky as there is a lot of information out there. Here is a handy guide to the biggest electric car myths.

Myth 1: If you’re stuck in traffic, keeping the car running will drain the battery.

If your EV is stationary, your battery range will be almost unaffected. The only drain on the cars batteries would be the heating system however to put this in perspective, the draw on the battery would be 0.4kWh, meaning I could run the heating system for over 160 hours in the BMW i4.

Myth 2: Using your windscreen wipers will drain the battery.

The power provided to use your windscreen wipers comes from the 12V battery not the main high voltage battery, so your battery and range will be unaffected.
The same applies to pretty much all of your car’s accessories, except from your heating and Air Con, which actually do come from the main battery, however preconditioning your vehicle will allow you to minimise energy loss, while keeping your car at a comfortable temperature.
Learn more about Using the My BMW App to precondition your vehicle

Myth 3: You have to stop 20 times on a long journey to charge your car.

Each BMWi car is different but the larger BMWi cars have ranges equivalent to their petrol cousins. To use myself as an example, I am currently driving a BMW i4 which has a range of up to 330 miles but on many occasions, I have exceeded this. Using a high-powered public charger, I can charge my car by 40% in just 10 mins, meaning I can charge my car back to at least 80% in less than half an hour (if you need that long).
Most people would stop at least once on a long journey to get a drink and stretch their legs so charging your car at a service station if you are there anyway, isn’t really an inconvenience. Through the My BMW App, your vehicle can help you plan your route to stop the least number of times possible to get you there and back. It will also let you know which chargers are occupied so you know their availability before you travel.
Lean more about public charging times for the BMWi Range, learn more about the My BMW App.

Myth 4: There are problems with the electric car infrastructure so charging will be a nightmare.

When electric cars first started appearing 5-10 years ago this was certainly the case. Chargers were few and far between and were Government maintained so consequently many were out service for long periods of time and not maintained properly.
Fast forward to the present and a whole host of fantastic private companies are creating a network of electric charging points across the county. Moreover, many customers opt for a Home Charger when purchasing a BMWi car due to convenience so public charging in that instance will be rare.
Discover our complimentary Home Charging offer Home Charging Offer
Learn more about charging locations with our complimentary charging map.

Myth 5: Electric ownership is a faff.

Electric ownership is a lot more convenient than you would think, learn about BMW Electric Carsand vehicle ownership.
Learn about the biggest Benefits of Electric Cars.

Myth 6: Electric cars themselves aren’t sustainable.

Let me introduce you to BMW’s circular economy.
Replacing the traditional linear product cycle; this approach to car production is built upon 4 pillars – re:think, re:use, re:duce and re:cycle. It’s about extending the value of the products, using fewer resources and returning materials back into the production loop, rather than disposing of them.
This has come in the form of supporting their suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions as well as supporting the cross-industry initiative 'Cobalt for Development' to encourage supply partners to meet high social and environmental standards.

Moreover, BMW are continuously working to optimise their battery technology. Their aim is to deliver a greater range with smaller batteries that have less environmental impact.
View BMWs Environment Commitments.

More Information.
Lean more about owning a BMWi vehicle with our comprehensive BMWi Ownership Guide.
Contact your local dealership and ask to be referred to your local BMWi specialist today.


Ask Rob; can you list all the benefits of electric cars?

There are numerous benefits of electric cars from tax incentives to maintenance costs; they're better for your wallet and for the planet. Find a comprehensive list of all of the Electric Car Benefits.


Ask Rob; do you have a roundup of the BMWi model information? 

Yes, we certainly do. Check out our BMWi Ownership Guide which breaks down all of the BMW model information you need including charging times per model and key benefits in one handy place. 

Charging your BMWi car is a simple, (yet often overcomplicated) process. Your first stop for charging information should be our BMWi Ownership Guide where you can find out information on the different types of chargers, charging times for each of the BMWi models and our charging map.

Recommended apps include PodPoint for conventional charging and Instavolt for rapid charge. As well as this (and a lot handier if you ask me) is the BMW Charging Card which gives you access and discounts on the largest charging network in Europe with over 517, 570 charging points. This is a subscription service, with the first year being free and an annual fee after that.

More Information.
Lean more about owning a BMWi vehicle with our comprehensive BMWi Ownership Guide.
Contact your local dealership and ask to be referred to your local BMWi specialist today.


Ask Rob; apps, maps, BMW charging cards and everything in between; where should I start when trying to understand public charging? 

It's best practice to use the My BMW App with your new BMWi car to get the most from your electric experience.

Find out more general information about the My BMW App, including where to download it from, by clicking the button below.

Learn more about the capabilities of the My BMW App and how to utilise it by clicking the button below. 

Find your local BMW retailer today, contact us. 



Ask Rob; what are the benefits of using the My BMW App with a BMWi car? 


A lot of people would be surprised at how convenient electric car ownership is.
Most people choose to charge their car from home using a Home Charger also known as a Wall box as it’s more convenient. Currently at Lloyd BMW, we are offering customers a complimentary Wall Box or £750 public Charging Credit offer when purchasing a new BMWi car.
As well as charging at home, public charging is a lot more convenient than people think. Learn more about understanding public charging, and the charging times of different BMWi models here. You can also view our complimentary charging map here.

Running costs

After the initial investment into the electric car itself, the fuel costs and maintenance costs of a BMWi car will be less expensive due to electricity being a cheaper fuel source. To use myself as an example, when driving long distances, I always take the family in my BMW i4 as we have worked out it is roughly 13p cheaper per mile than my wife’s BMW M4.

View our EV servicing information. 

New houses, supermarkets and workplaces.

The Government announced in November that new homes and buildings such as supermarkets and workplaces, as well as those undergoing major renovation, will be required to install electric vehicle charge points from 2023 onwards.
Moreover, new Government plans have recently set out steps to unlock the potential of smart electric vehicle charging, including allowing motorists to power their homes using the electricity stored in their electric vehicle.


There’s a reason why more and more hybrid performance cars such as the BMW XM are appearing. Driving electric is thrilling and makes for agile handling. 

Use the My BMW App Effectively

Did you know the My BMW App can help you more effectively plan your journeys?
It can be can be programmed to help you reach your destination with the least number of stops; however, if you do need to stop, the app will let you know where the nearest charging stations are and the availability of the charging points, so you won’t be stuck waiting for long periods of time.
As well as this it also contains a tracking feature so you can always find your car if you can’t remember where you parked it, as well as other helpful features.

Find out more about the My BMW App My BMW App and getting the most from your Electric Battery

More Information.

Lean more about owning a BMWi vehicle with our comprehensive BMWi Ownership Guide.
Contact your local dealership and ask to be referred to your local BMWi specialist today.



Ask Rob; what do you wish people knew about electric cars?

Where do you see BMWi in the next 20-30 years?

I see battery technology as the next new frontier in automotive innovation. In my opinion manufacturers have gotten all they can from combustion engines in terms of performance and range.

With the growth of the electric battery industry alongside heavy investments, I think we will eventually see batteries with 1,000-mile ranges, unlimited speeds and unrivalled motoring performances. I don’t think that wireless charging will take off due to energy loss but I do think you’ll be able to fully charge a battery in less than ten minutes.

But that’s just my opinion, what we do know for sure is that BMW is taking their commitment to become the most sustainable manufacturer for individual premium mobility seriously with the release of their concept cars that will be available in the next 20 years and will be the pinnacle of futuristic and sustainable technology.

View BMWi concept cars here.

BMW Vision iNEXT
BMW Concept 4
BMW i Vision Circular

More Information.
Lean more about owning a BMWi vehicle with our comprehensive BMWi Ownership Guide.
Contact your local dealership and ask to be referred to your local BMWi specialist today.



Ask Rob; this all sounds great but do you have any case studies?

We recently partnered with local Destination Management Organisation Cumbria Tourism for their road trip around Cumbria visiting their local partners. You can see how they got on here. 

To speak to your local BMWi specialist, click the button below to find your local Lloyd BMW retailer. 

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