26 April 2024

Progressors Who've Progressed: Meet Barry!

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Meet Barry, our Marketing Analyst!

Meet Barry, our Marketing Analyst!

Barry’s started his career with us just under 3 years ago, initially joining us as a Vehicle Progressor at Lloyd Carlisle BMW and MINI. The Progressor role offers an opportunity to learn a variety of different skills that are transferrable to many different roles within the business, and was a fantastic starting point for Barry before moving into his role within the Marketing team. Read on to find out more about Barry’s career journey with us!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

"My name’s Bazza. I’m a proud Penrithian working as a Marketing Analyst here at Lloyd Motor Group. I also help to oversee the marketing activity for our new Lloyd Select brand".

Tell us about your career journey at Lloyd Motor Group.

"I’m coming up to my 3rd year with Lloyd Motor Group. I started out as a Digital Merchandiser/Vehicle Progressor at Carlisle BMW and MINI. Coming from outside of the motor trade, I didn’t really have an idea about where my career might take me.

"The Progressor role works hand in hand with both sales and marketing, so I got to peek behind the curtain of both arms of the business. As I integrated myself into the team, I started doing more bits and bobs for the marketing department which I heartily enjoyed, so when an opportunity arose to apply for a job in that team, I went for it and was lucky enough to land it".

What transferrable skills did you learn as a Vehicle Progressor that have helped you in your current role?

"You get a really great overview of the whole business from and operational perspective, which is very useful if you don’t have much experience in the trade. Full disclosure, I was apprehensive I was never going to ‘get it’ due to the number of moveable parts and ducks you have to get in a row in order to get a car sold, but once everything clicked into gear, it was a very rewarding role.

"You also get a great insight into what Lloyd Motor Group strives for. As a premium group which offers an exemplary service, there is a responsibility to uphold these principles. As a progressor, you deal with many people throughout the business and absorb their enthusiasm and qualities, so you’re quickly able to integrate yourself into the Lloyd way".

What is your favourite part about your current role?

"As I now represent the Group, a big part of my role is travelling to other sites. We’re situated all over the North of England and Scottish borders but it’s great to see the Lloyd philosophy echoed throughout all our sites.  It truly feels like you could relocate to any one of our other branches and feel right at home. That, and the Butty Friday tradition with have in the Marketing office".

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

"To be honest, I don’t really mind as long as it’s still here at Lloyd Motor Group. The business took a bit of a punt hiring somebody whose professional experience was forged largely in the murky world of hospitality and I’m grateful for this. My experience working here has been brilliant thus far and long may it continue".

Tell us 2 Truths and a Lie about yourself!*

  1. I’ve saved a penalty from someone who would later go on to score for England

  2. I’ve driven A Chevvy Camaro across the US

  3. I have a brown belt in Taekwondo

Here at Lloyd Motor Group, we’re always keen to support or staff members and promote from within.  If you’d like to work for a family-run business who invest in the training and progression of their employees, then Lloyd Motor Group could be the place for you. Browse our current vacancies, and start your career journey with us today.


*Number 3 is Barry’s lie!

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