25 June 2024

From Showroom to Socials: Meet Social Media Assistant Jasmin!

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Meet Our Aftersales Social Media Assistant, Jasmin!

Meet Our Aftersales Social Media Assistant, Jasmin!

Jasmin started her career with us back in 2021 as a Showroom Host at Lloyd Carlisle BMW. Over two years, she gained invaluable first-hand experience within the business before opportunity came knocking in 2023, and she transitioned into our marketing team. Today, she translates that hard-earned knowledge into compelling aftersales social media content that engages audiences across all of our brands. Read on to find out more about Jasmin’s career journey so far - from starting as a welcoming face at Lloyd Carlisle BMW to now creating engaging social content behind the scenes.

Hi Jasmin, tell us a bit about yourself and your background!

"Hello! I’m Jasmin (although everyone calls me Jaz) and I am the Group Aftersales Social Media Assistant for Lloyd Motor Group. My Lloyd journey started in 2021 as a Receptionist/ Showroom Host at our Lloyd BMW Carlisle site.

"As a showroom Host, I was responsible for making sure every aspect of our customers' showroom experiences were met. I would take inbound calls, direct enquiries, and worked closely with all departments. I loved my time at the desk, growing incredible friendships and getting a great insight into the running of the business.

"In November of last year, I moved to the marketing department to work alongside our Aftersales Marketing Manager, Matt, overseeing Aftersales social content for all of Lloyd Motor Group's brands".

Jasmin in 2023, just before transitioning from Showroom Host to Group Aftersales Social Media Assistant.

When did you first become interested in transitioning to a marketing role? What sparked that interest? 

"I come from a creative background, and I knew that the marketing department would allow me the creative outlet that I was looking for. Having worked so many years customer facing, I felt that I had gained enough insight into the various departments, and it was time to experience a role that was behind the scenes.

"Marketing seemed like the perfect collaboration of professionalism and creativity, and I was interested to know the strategies behind a campaign and how it influences people’s decisions. When I saw a position in the team become available, I knew I had to go for it, and I’m so glad I did. My time in marketing so far has been brilliant - No day is the same, and there is always something new to be learning. The team are fantastic too; I feel like I’ve definitely found my place".

What skills or experiences from your time as a Showroom Host have been most valuable in your marketing role so far?

"During my time as a showroom host, I acquired many transferrable skills which I have carried over to my new role. When your're customer facing, you are able to see every step of the customer journey from initial enquiry, sales appointments, handovers to them later coming in to service that vehicle. Within marketing, we also focus a lot on the customer journey and how we can ensure we hit all of those touchpoints effectively. I feel that this understanding of consumer behaviour and our target audiences has benefited me, as I feel I have a good understanding of what will appeal to someone who isn’t in the industry".

Can you describe a typical day in your current role on the marketing team?

"No day is the same within my role, and as a person who enjoys a fast-paced environment, the variety of work is great! My main responsibly is to ensure organic aftersales social media content is scheduled for all our sites, as well as sending out email campaigns and assisting the Aftersales Marketing Manager, Matt, in any other needs the sites may have. I will liaise with all sites on a regular basis to check for content as well as accompanying Matt to site visits to ensure we are supporting every aftersales team with any Social or Point of Sale needs.

"Many of our service teams have opted to be charity partners with local organisations, so we will regularly check in to see what fundraising opportunities we can support them with or visit for cheque handovers. I’ve had the opportunity to visit some amazing charities and see firsthand the incredible impact Lloyd donations can make to the local community".  

Jasmin meeting with charity partners Carlisle Food Bank and Eden Valley Hospice.

What advice would you give to someone looking to make a similar career transition?

"Just take the leap, as you never know what could happen! Be open to learning everything you can and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Marketing is an industry that is continuously evolving and adapting, meaning there is always something new to be learning. I would also say keep one ear to the ground with the latest industry news - AM online and Marketing Weekly are great sources to browse, and you’ll get a better understanding of the trends and industry". 

What do you enjoy most about working on the marketing team?

"100% the people. I have been made to feel so welcome, and I feel very grateful to be surrounded by such lovely, talented people. I started off with little experience within this role, but everyone has been more than happy to help me when needed and answer any questions I may have, so I feel very supported. 

"It’s also incredibly rewarding to see content that you have been working on receive good engagement and responses. I always want to do the people involved justice and it always gives me that drive to make the next post just as good.

"Lastly, coming from a BMW and MINI background, I have also really enjoyed getting to work with all of the other brands within Lloyd Motor Group, like Kia, Volvo, Land Rover and Jaguar, Lloyd AllRoad, BMW Motorrad and Honda Motorcyles. We currently have 11 brands on this side of the business, all of which are unique and require different needs, bringing a lot of variety to the job. As I said, no day is the same!"

What’s a hidden talent or hobby you have that most people at work don’t know about?

"I’m actually trained and have a degree in Performing Arts! Although I don’t get to practise much anymore, I still love to have a boogie every now and then". 

If you could have dinner with 5 people, dead or alive, who would it be?

•    "The late queen Elizabeth II- I LOVE the royals and was devasted when she passed. There are so many questions that I would ask her about what goes on behind closed doors". 
•    "Louis Theroux- I feel like he could tell us some good stories". 
•    "Anyone from ABBA- I feel like they could get everyone dancing even the queen! "
•    "Tom Hanks- I don’t think there’s a single Tom Hanks film that I haven’t enjoyed. I think he’s a brilliant actor." 
•    "David Attenborough- I could sit and watch planet earth on repeat and I'd love to hear his commentary".  

Quickfire Questions: 

  • Coffee or Tea? - "I am tea lover, particularly herbal! I hate coffee, I have never been able to get used to the taste of it". 
  • Early Bird or Night Owl? - "Night owl". 
  • Cats or Dogs? - "Dogs, I’m actually planning on getting a Goldendoodle puppy very soon". 
  • Sweet or Savory? - "Maybe controversial but savoury! Everyone in the office thinks I’m strange because I still have an Easter egg in my drawer! I Just don’t have a sweet tooth at all". 
  • Summer or Winter? - "Again people may disagree, but I am a winter baby at heart and love nothing more than wrapping up warm with a cup tea and Christmas!"

Jasmin's career path so far showcases the excellent growth opportunities available at Lloyd Motor Group. If you're seeking an employer that invests in professional development and helps open doors, explore the current vacancies at Lloyd Motor Group. Much like Jasmin, you could embark on an enriching career that unlocks your potential!


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