01 July 2024

Meet Nathan, our newest Service Advisor at Lloyd BMW Carlisle

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Meet Nathan, our newest Service Advisor at Lloyd BMW Carlisle. 

At Lloyd we are passionate about the career progression of our employees and aim to support them wherever we can in their chosen career paths. Many members of our teams have progressed into different areas of the business, like Nathan. 
Nathan Started his career with us as a Service Valeter at BMW Carlisle, guaranteeing every car drove away with the BMW signature showroom shine. In March of this year, he moved to work in our front of house Service team, checking in customers and ensuring every aspect of their service appointment is met. 

We caught up with him to see how he is finding his new role so far… 

Hi Nathan, tell us about yourself.

"Hi, my name is Nathan Taylor, I am 28 years old and currently working as a Service Advisor at Lloyd BMW Carlisle. I love spending time in the Lake District with my partner, going bouldering (indoors) at Eden rock, and playing the Xbox."

Can you tell us about your career with Lloyd so far?

"I have worked at Lloyd for roughly 5 years now, starting when I was 20/21 as a Service Valeter for our BMW MINI Carlisle site. During my time in that role I learnt a lot about the BMW brand and the models. I left to try something different but unfortunately it did not work out. Something always drew me back to Lloyd and they welcomed me back with open arms. I now work as a BMW Service Advisor in our front of house team, assisting customers in all their service appointment needs." 

Talk us through a typical day in your role as a Service Advisor.

"My main priority as a Service Advisor is to provide my customers with the best BMW Service experience I can whilst their vehicle is booked in with us. My daily responsibilities include checking customers in, making them aware of any work that will be carried out during their visit and keeping them updated on the progress of their vehicle throughout the duration of the day."

What do you enjoy most about working for Lloyd?

"One of the biggest attributes of working for Lloyd is the opportunities the company can provide you for career growth and I am a perfect example of this. They are always encouraging people to become the best they can be within their trade. The management always have the time for a chat if you need them and you can tell that they never want to see anyone fail. I feel very supported.”

What advice would you give to someone also thinking of taking a career change?

“I would tell them to just go for it. You will always regret the things you don't do more than the things you do. If it does not work out, at least you tried and possibly opened the door to more opportunities”

What has been your standout moment as a Service Advisor so far?

“My standout moment was actually getting the job. Having little prior experience within this role, I wanted a chance to see what I was capable of. The team at Carlisle have been fantastic, giving me the opportunity to learn every day alongside an incredible team and workshop. The team are always happy to give me guidance when needed and I feel very supported. Despite only having been on the desk a few months, I've learnt so much already and I’m excited to see where my time on service will take me”

Nathan is part of the Lloyd BMW Carlisle Service team, who recently were awarded BMW Aftersales Retailer of the Year.

Get to know Nathan better… 

Tell us, what is your go to karaoke song?

“Karaoke isn’t really my kind of thing, but my favourite genre of music at the moment is rock or country. Depending on my mood.”

Tell us two lies and one truth. 

I can sing.
I am going on holiday this year. 
I can run a marathon.

Everyone at Lloyd BMW Carlisle could not be prouder of Nathan and look forward to seeing his Service Advisor career continue to flourish.

The answer was Nathan is going on holiday! 

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