05 April 2024

Benefits of Buying a New Car

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Getting a car is, and always has been, a big investment and commitment, whether you’re buying your first car or your tenth car. It’s important to consider everything when making your decision, including whether to get a new car or a used car. Below, we will be looking into the benefits of buying a new car, and why this is such a popular and beneficial option.

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Benefits of Buying a New Car

Latest Available Technology

A big benefit of purchasing a new car is that they offer the very latest technology, which can greatly impact your experience when using a car. Features can include aspects such as voice-activated controls, dashboard graphics and abilities, and advanced audio systems. Having the latest available technology also means the latest safety features - Feeling safe within a car is always important and helps to make every journey much more relaxing and enjoyable. When buying a new car, you can put your mind at ease knowing that the latest technology can provide the best safety and entertainment features available.

Here on our website, we offer a range of new cars from premium manufacturers, featuring the latest and most up-to-date technology.

Benefits of Buying a New Car

More Cost Effective

Cost is always a big consideration when deciding on what car to get, and can often be the biggest driving factor in the decision. While initially new cars can seem expensive, there are several financial benefits to buying a new car. One of these benefits is the likelihood that new cars have better fuel efficiency, which therefore keeps the running cost of the car lower than it would be for an older car. Here at Lloyd Motor Group, we also have a range of new car offers to suit every budget, to make buying a new car as affordable as possible.

Benefits of Buying a New Car


Customising a car can be a fun way to make your car your own and is something you can only experience when purchasing a new car. Being able to customise a new car allows you to be creative and tailor your car to your specific wants and needs. From choosing the cars exterior and interior colour and finish, to adding interior features, there is a range of options to help personalise a new car and really make it your own.

Benefits of Buying a New Car


When buying a new car, you can feel confident knowing that it will be a while before you have to worry about the car needing maintenance due to everything being fresh off the press. New cars also tend to come with excellent warranties -  Most of our new cars here at Lloyd Motor Group come with a standard three-year warranty, while some brands may offer more, including Kia who offer a seven-year warranty. However, if you decide that a used car is the way to go, each of our used cars also comes with a 12-month warranty and a bundle of market-leading used car benefits.

Benefits of Buying a New Car

Resale Value

There are several factors that are considered when a used car is valued, two of the most important factors being the cars age and mileage. The newer a car, and the lower the mileage on the car, the higher the resale value will typically be. This is due to a newer car, and a car with lower mileage being more likely to maintain its ability and efficiency for longer than an older car or car with higher mileage. Despite the resale value possibly not being an initial thought when choosing a new car, it is something worth considering. There will eventually come a time when you are ready to change your car again and having a car that could have a higher resale value when this time comes will be more financially beneficial.

Benefits of Buying a New Car

Nearly New Cars

If the choice between a new car and a used car is still not clear, an alternative could be nearly new cars. These cars could be the best of both worlds if you didn’t want to make the financial commitment to a new car, but still want something less than 12-months old and with low mileage. Nearly new cars are ex-demo, ex-management or pre-reg cars that could be the answer if you’re still stuck between new and used cars.

View our range of nearly new cars here on our website.

Benefits of Buying a New Car

Why Buy a New Car from Lloyd Motor Group?

At Lloyd Motor Group, we are proud to offer a range of new cars from our premium manufacturers. Our dedicated industry professionals strive to offer you the full range of automotive services tailored to meet your needs and requirements. We endeavor to provide the best possible experience, from our unique showroom experience in our state-of-the-art retail and service centres to our aftersales experiences.

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