Jaguar F-TYPE – Definitely not dull & boring!

Date posted: 27 September 2017

Industry News

Jaguar brings joy to twin towns of gloom.
What do you get when you cross a Scottish village called Dull, an American small-town called Boring and a pair of supercharged F-TYPEs?

Two minutes of white-knuckle exhilaration, involuntary whooping and more bleeped expletives than a Brian Blessed blooper reel.

Perhaps taking a steer from the old adage ‘misery loves company’, the sleepy Perthshire village of Dull and the Oregon township of Boring became twin towns in 2012 – and have annually marked the occasion ever since with Dull & Boring Day.

To mark Dull & Boring Day 2017, we sent a Jaguar F-TYPE to each of the towns and invited some of the seemingly disenchanted residents to road test the far from dull (or boring) sports cars.

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