Top 2020 New Year's Resolution for your Car

Date posted: 19 December 2019

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2020 Car Maintenance Resolutions List

It’s a Happy New Year from us all here at Lloyd Motor Group, and we’re here to keep you safe and on the roads.

We always start the year the same way, (we don’t mean the hangover) with the usual New Year’s Resolutions List, so we wanted to give you our top-5 tips for your car so you can drive happy and you can drive safe.

1)    Keep your car clean and tidy.

Washing your car and keeping it clean on the inside and out on a regular basis helps avoid a build of dirt and muck which doesn’t just look unsightly but it will lead to rust and corrosion. 

2)    Look after your tyres.

Look after your tyres and they’ll look after you. Make sure your tyres are the correct pressure and check for damage and unusual wear and keep them aligned. Any of these issues can reduce your control whilst driving and can increase fuel consumption.

At any Lloyd Motor Group Retailer, our Aftersales Department will be more than happy to carry our a free tyre check and in the circumstances where you do need any new tyres, we can sort this for you with a range of quality tyres that are competitively priced.

3)    Driver smarter.

We all have bad driving habit, they creep in. But, bad driving habits can age your quicker than you’d expect and the cost can mount up! 

•    Stop braking so harshly, it will make your brake pads last longer
•    Try not to accelerate too quickly, it burns a lot of fuel.
•    Don’t speed (obviously).
•    Let your car warm up properly, let the oil distribute through the engine.
•    Drive light, take out unnecessary weight. You’ll be surprised how much petrol you waste when your car is lugging around half your wardrobe in the backseat.
•    Be nice to your clutch. Riding the clutch, we’ve all done it, but you won’t like the bill.

4)    Address minor problems quickly.

Make sure you are all booked in for Services and MOTs this year, be proactive and book in. Servicing is a proactive way of keeping your car working at its best, and save money on a potentially costly MOT. 

If your car is 3-years or older, you are legally required to have your car MOT tested every year. With our MOT appointments you will receive a complimentary wash and vac as well as outstanding customer service.

5)    Fluids – it’s always good to be hydrated.

Weather it’s AdBlue or your Engine Oil, be sure to check your car’s fluids on a regular basis. If you drive a diesel that requires AdBlue, your vehicle won’t start if you run out. At Lloyd Motor Group we offer AdBlue refills so you don’t need to worry about staining your clothes when doing it yourself!

Please make sure you pre-book your appointment for any of your car maintenance work.

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