14 May 2024

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Choosing between a new or used car is a decision faced by many people when they decide to replace their current car or buy their first car. Once you’ve decided to buy a used car, there is still a decision to make in terms of what used car to get. To help you make that decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best used cars to buy. 

Best Used Pickups 

Used Ford Ranger

A used pickup is perfect for driving on a variety of terrains, with the ability to tackle uneven and unpredictable rural off-road landscapes, tow heavy loads and maneuver around busy towns and cities. The versatility and capabilities of a used pickup opens so many doors when it comes to the adventures that are possible. They are incredibly durable vehicles, meaning they can last for many years and drive many miles. These vehicles are built to last and don’t let you down.

Some of our top picks for the best used pickups include:

Used Ford Ranger
Not only does the Ford Ranger boast a rugged exterior perfect for all-weather elements, these used pickups continue their practicality inside with useful technology and features. Along with comfortable and spacious seats, and an abundance of storage space, a used Ford Ranger is an excellent pickup whatever the adventure.

Used Volkswagen Amarok
The Volkswagen Amarok is a hard-working pickup that is capable of anything that you throw at it. With a sturdy exterior perfect for all terrains and weather, and a well-built interior to continue its durability inside, a used Volkswagen Amarok is a very practical vehicle. The V6 engine is powerful and makes the pickup more than capable of carrying and towing heavy loads. These used pickups are a great choice for those looking for a durable and sturdy vehicle.

Find out more about our full range of used pickups.

Best Used Hatchbacks 

Used MINI Hatch

Used hatchbacks are ideal for those who need a car that has room for passengers but can also fit into tight spaces and maneuver around easily. Hatchbacks are also some of the most affordable cars on the market due to them not only costing less initially, but they also often cost less to run and maintain. Perfect for nipping around a city, cruising down the motorway, or maneuvering around country roads, used hatchbacks are very popular cars, especially for those buying their first car.

Some of our top picks for the best used hatchbacks include:

Used MINI Hatch
Not only are used MINI Hatch’s attractive cars with their iconic body style and unique interior features, but they also deliver when it comes to driving experience. MINI Hatch’s are known for being a fun car to drive, with a go-kart feel to them. Add to this a WhatCar? reliability score of 96.7%, and MINI being a reliable brand, a MINI Hatch is a great used hatchback. 

Used Kia Ceed
One benefit of buying a used Kia Ceed is the transferable seven-year warranty that new Kia cars come with. For many drivers, this is a very attractive benefit. Depending on the trim of the car, Kia Ceed’s offer various features including, Apple Car Play, cruise control, sat-nav and automatic wipers, which help to enhance the driving experience. Kia Ceed’s are great used hatchbacks with plenty to offer. 

Explore our full range of used hatchbacks.

Best Used Coupés  

Used Jaguar F-TYPE

As cars go, used coupés are generally considered better value for money than some other car types and are fitted with good features and specifications, as well as being known for their brilliant performance and driving experience. Designed to be driven fast and to look good, these cars are made for those who enjoy the thrill of driving.  

Some of our top picks for the best used coupés include:

Used Jaguar F-TYPE
With precise handling, good grip and a lot of power, a used Jaguar F-TYPE is a great performance car that drives lovely and looks amazing. With a smart interior, comfortable seating for two people and a spacious boot, the F-TYPE has loads to offer to those after a speedy and enjoyable used coupé.

Used BMW 2 Series Coupé
With a range of powerful engines available, a used BMW 2 Series Coupé is perfect for drivers who want a rush when driving. They are well-built and well-engineered, with good handling and control, making them perfect for high speeds and for providing a sporty experience. The interior boasts high quality features, as well as being a comfortable size in both the front and back seats. Overall, a used BMW 2 Series Coupé is a great sporty car that has loads to offer when it comes to used coupés.

View our full range of used coupés.

Best Used Estate Cars 

Used Volvo V90

Used estate cars are brilliant for those who need a practical car with plenty of space. Estate cars offer enough space for passengers, as well as providing an abundance of space in the boot for luggage, pets, or large objects without intruding on any seats. Excellent for journeys involving groups of people, estate cars are ideal for families. 

Some of our top picks for the best used estate cars include:

Used Volvo V90
A used Volvo V90 combines space and comfort, making it the perfect family car. With room to comfortably seat five people, you don’t have to choose between passengers and cargo. With petrol, diesel and hybrid options available, different engine types, and multiple specifications on offer, there are a range of used Volvo V90’s to choose from. The infotainment system and stylish interior add to the reasons why a used Volvo V90 is a great used estate car.  

Used BMW 3 Series
Offering an excellent driving experience, and great interior space, a used BMW 3 Series is great for a family. With modern interior features, various specification depending on the car, and quick reflexes, this estate is enjoyable to drive. Along with its classy exterior and BMW appeal, the 3 Series is an excellent used estate car. 

Browse our full range of used estates.

Best Used Convertibles 

Used MINI Convertible

One of the main reasons people buy a convertible is for the fun driving experience that they provide. No other car type can offer the experience that a convertible with its roof down can. The vision of driving around and getting windswept hair while you take in the 360-degree view that convertibles allow, is a big attraction of these cars. Add to this their luxurious appearance, used convertibles are lovely cars.

Some of our top picks for the best used convertibles include:

Used MINI Convertible
Like all MINIs, a MINI Convertible offers a stylish interior and is a great combination of the iconic MINI style and a cool drop top. A used MINI Convertible makes for a lovely driving experience, with a balanced ride, quick steering, and a great range of engine options. Along with good fuel economy and upkeep costs, these MINIs are an excellent used convertible if you’re after enjoyment, reliability, and attractiveness. 

Used BMW M4 Convertible
To drive, a used BMW M4 is impressive, with its powerful and speedy engine, as well as excellent grip and handling. The interior of the M4 is just as impressive, with plenty of space and comfortable seats in both the front and the back, as well as sleek controls and attention to detail. Overall, a used BMW M4 is a great used convertible with plenty to offer. 

Explore our full range of used convertibles.

Best Used SUVs 

Used BMW X5

Used SUVs are great for families and groups of people due to their size, not only in terms of space for passengers, but also their storage space, with most seating five people comfortably and having great boot space. SUVs are built to be versatile, safe, and capable, making them great for every journey. They are ideal for both long road trips and daily commutes, motorways, main roads, and back roads, and are always fitted with technology and features to keep everyone in the car safe.

Some of our top picks for the best used SUVs include:

Used BMW X5
A great combination of luxury and rugged, a used BMW X5 is a lovely SUV, perfect for those who want a stylish and spacious car. With a high-quality interior, infotainment system and plenty of space for passengers, both driver and passengers will enjoy their experience in this SUV. If you’re interested in a used SUV, the X5 is a great option. 

Used Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover Evoque’s are known for their attractiveness and are very desirable cars for those looking for an SUV. With a used Range Rover Evoque, you can get all the attractive features, at a cheaper price point. They boast sleek interior and exterior designs and are a great family sized car without being too big that it’s a struggle to fit into tighter spaces. Range Rover Evoque’s are a great used SUV choice for those looking for a car that is not only attractive, but also a great family size, without being impractically big.

View our full range of used SUVs

Best Used Saloons

Used Volvo S60

A used saloon is perfect for those who need enough space for passengers and cargo, but also need to be able to easily maneuver and park their car. They are more spacious than a hatchback, yet smaller than an SUV, making them perfect mid-sized cars. They are often considered more sophisticated and premium than some other car types, making them an attractive car to many people. 

Some of our top picks for the best used saloons include:

Used Volvo S60
With a nice, spacious interior, and stylish exterior, a used Volvo S60 is the perfect saloon. It's adjustable steering and the ability to alter the brake pedal feel and accelerator sharpness, allows you to personalise the driving experience to your preferences. Along with an abundance of room at the front for the driver and front passenger, and plenty of room in the back seats as well, the car offers a comfortable experience. If you’re after a car that offers space and comfort, a Volvo S60 is a great used saloon.

Used Jaguar XF
A used Jaguar XF offers a smooth and relaxing drive, moves well round corners and is enjoyable whether you’re on a winding back road, a busy town street or a fast motorway. The XF is light and lean, yet spacious, perfect for every journey. With a sleek interior and an attractive exterior, the Jaguar XF makes an impression on the road. When it comes to a used saloon, a Jaguar XF is a great option.

Browse our full range of used saloons.

Best Used Electric Cars

Used BMW i3

Used electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and most car manufacturers now have electric car models on offer. There are many benefits to electric cars, aside from them being considerably more sustainable. Financially, electric cars are not only cheaper to fuel, but also to run, with charging, tax and maintenance working out cheaper for electric vehicles than for petrol or diesel vehicles. Electric cars have also been proven to outperform petrol and diesel vehicles, as well as being a more relaxing experience due to them being quieter on the road. Add to this the convenience of being able to charge electric vehicles at home, a used electric car is an excellent option.

Some of our top picks for the best used electric cars include:

Used BMW i3
As a fun car to drive, a used BMW i3 is an excellent option when it comes to electric vehicles. The i3 is quick and has no trouble reaching higher speeds. Depending on the trim, enjoy an excellent range of equipment including sat-nav, automatic lights and wipers, and rear parking sensors. Add to this excellent visibility and a futuristic exterior, the BMW i3 is a fun used electric car.

Used Jaguar I-PACE
A used Jaguar I-PACE has two electric motors and a range of up to 292 miles per charge*. Its impressively quick and handles well due to the placement of the battery pack, making it easy to drive. Add to this the impressive interior, with modern graphics, plenty of space and a range of electrical adjustments to help make the car as comfortable as possible. For those in the market for a used electric car that is nice to drive as well as being attractive, practical, and comfortable, then the Jaguar I-PACE is an excellent option.

View our full range of used electric cars.

Best Used Automatic Cars

Used Land Rover Defender

Many drivers are now opting for a used automatic car due to them being easier to drive in many ways. If you find yourself stuck in heavy traffic, starting, stopping, and changing speed can be harder and requires more effort in a manual car, whereas it only requires the use of one foot in an automatic. There is also typically less chance of the car stalling, as well as driving in certain areas, such as on a hill, being easier.
Some of our top picks for the best used automatic cars include:

Used Land Rover Defender
Perfect for tackling off-road tracks, country roads and busy roads, a used Land Rover Defender is a very versatile and capable vehicle. It delivers a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both driver and passengers, with a lovely interior finish, adjustable features, and plenty of interior space. Land Rover Defenders are excellent used automatic cars, especially for those who go on off-road adventures.  

Used Volvo XC40 
Used Volvo XC40’s are very appealing cars, offering size, practicality, and style. As a compact SUV, these cars have a great amount of space for both passengers and cargo, while also being a practical size able to fit down tight streets and into most parking spaces. With a classy interior, comfortable and adjustable seats, and great storage, the Volvo XC40 is a great used automatic car.

Browse our full range of used automatic cars.

Best Used Manual Cars

Used Kia Sportage 
Despite several drivers opting for automatic cars, there is still a lot of drivers who prefer a used manual car. With a manual gearbox, the driver has more control over the car with them being the one picking the gear that the car is in, which in certain cases such as bad weather, is beneficial. Manual gearboxes are also often easier to maintain as they are less complex and therefore the chance of something going wrong is reduced, which in turn can help save money on repairs. 

Some of our top picks for the best used manual cars include:

Used Kia Sportage
A used Kia Sportage is a great family sized SUV, offering an abundance of space for both passengers and cargo, as well as providing an excellent amount of equipment even in the entry-level trims. The Sportage offers brilliant grip and precise steering and does a good job of maintaining a smooth ride regardless of the surface. The interior of the Sportage is smart and easy to navigate, with a range of good materials used and a simplistic setup. For anyone interested in a used manual car, a Kia Sportage is an excellent option.

Used BMW 1 Series
Used BMW 1 Series are very popular cars for several reasons, one being they’re sporty look and feel. With good interior space, comfortable seats, and various great features, the 1 Series provides an enjoyable experience. In terms of size, the 1 Series is larger than some others in its category, giving it slightly more storage and making it more comfortable for passengers. If you’re looking for a used manual with a sporty feel, a BMW 1 Series is an excellent option.

Explore our full range of used manual cars.

At Lloyd Motor Group, we have a wide range of excellent used cars for sale. Whether you’re looking for a cool convertible, sustainable electric or practical SUV, we’ve got the perfect car for you. Start your used car journey with us today by browsing our used cars.

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* Figures based on the WLTP cycle – This figure has been obtained from the ‘Driving and Parking Patterns of European Car Drivers’ mobility survey, conducted by the European Commission.

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