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Why Buy a Used BMW Manual Cars from Lloyd

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Used BMW Manual Cars

Searching for an engaging and exciting used car with a manual gearbox? As a brand renowned for driving dynamics, our dealership offers an extensive selection of used BMW cars with manual transmissions. Read on to learn more about the benefits of used BMW manual cars.

Why Choose a Used BMW Manual Car?

Used BMW manual cars provide:

  • Enhanced Driver Involvement - Full control over gear changes brings a connected, race car-like driving experience.
  • Fuel Efficiency - Manual gearboxes often achieve better real-world MPG compared to automatics.
  • Affordability - Used BMW manual cars cost less than equivalent auto models from both purchase and maintenance standpoints.
  • Iconic BMW Handling - Crisp manuals perfectly complement BMW's acclaimed steering and suspension balance.

Types of Used BMW Manual Cars

We stock a wide variety of manual BMWs spanning:

  • Manual Family Saloons - Practical yet fun 3 Series and 5 Series manuals.
  • Manual Coupes - Engaging 2 Series and 4 Series address performance and style.
  • Manual Convertibles - Wind-in-the-hair BMW Z4 roadster manual models.
  • Manual Hatchbacks - Iconic hot hatch 1 Series M manual models.

Used Manual BMW Buying Tips

Let our BMW experts guide you to an exhilarating and affordable used BMW manual tailored to your needs. Get in touch today!

Frequently Asked Questions About BMW Manual Cars

How does a manual transmission work?

A manual transmission requires the driver to shift gears themselves by operating the clutch pedal and gear stick. The clutch pedal disengages the transmission from the engine temporarily so that you can change to a different gear ratio.

Different gear ratios provide various levels of torque and speed. Lower gears are good for acceleration and pulling heavy loads. Higher gears are more fuel efficient at higher speeds. 

What is the difference between a manual and automatic transmission?
  • Manual transmissions require the driver to change gears themselves using a clutch pedal and gear shifter. Automatics change gears on their own, based on speed and engine load.
  • Manuals have multiple gear ratios that can be selected by the driver. Automatics typically have between 4-8 pre-set gear ratios.
  • Manuals generally provide better fuel economy, performance, and driver control than automatics, but some find that automatics are easier to drive.
What are the pros and cons of driving a manual car?
  • Performance - The ability to control gear changes can gives manual drivers better acceleration and responsiveness.
  • Enhanced driver control - Manuals allow you to pick the right gear for current driving conditions rather than relying on transmission programming.
  • Fun to drive - Many drivers find that the interactive nature of changing gears makes driving more engaging and exciting.

How to buy your used BMW manual car

You can find a great selection of used manual BMW cars for sale on our website. Part exchanges welcome.


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Find the Perfect Used BMW Manual Car For You

Searching for the ideal used bmw manual car can seem daunting, but our experienced teams are here to make it simple. Amongst our inventory, you'll discover a variety of affordable used petrol and diesel models. From hatchbacks to saloons, convertibles to  SUVs, we sure to have the right car for you at Lloyd Motor Group. 

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