25 October 2023

Best Used Cars to Buy

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Looking for the Best Used Cars to Buy?

Looking for the Best Used Cars to Buy?

With so many makes and models on the market, it can be tricky finding the right used car for your needs and budget. In this post, we'll highlight some of the best used cars available in the UK right now. Whether you're after a small hatchback or family SUV, read on for our top recommendations.

Why Buy a Used Car?

Before diving into models, let's go over some of the benefits of buying used:

  • Used Cars Can Provide Better Value

New cars depreciate in the first couple years. Opting for used lets you skip that initial depreciation for big savings.

  • Wider Selection of Used Car Models

The UK's robust used market means you can choose from a vast range of makes and models when buying second-hand.

  • Used Car Warranties Available

Many used cars still have warranties from the manufacturer or dealer, giving you peace of mind.

Best Used Cars

Based on reliability data, projected depreciation, and availability, we recommend looking at these used cars:

1. Used MINI Hatch
Used MINI Hatchback

Fun, stylish, and surprisingly spacious, used MINI Coopers are a popular choice. Focus on newer Cooper models for the best mix of performance and efficiency. Our used MINI coopers will almost always be under 7 years, with a wide range of Approved Used MINI benefits.

Why It's a Great Used Car:
• Eye-catching retro design
• Go-kart like handling
• Surprising cargo room
• Strong safety ratings
• Good resale value

2. Used Kia Sportage
Used Kia Sportage
For an affordable, practical used SUV, the Kia Sportage hits the sweet spot. Recent models offer a long warranty for added peace of mind.

Why It's a Great Used Car:
• Value oriented pricing
• 7-year manufacturer warranty
• Well-equipped even in base trims
• Comfortable ride quality
• Available all-wheel drive

3. Used Volvo XC40
Used Volvo XC40

Safety focused with great tech, used Volvo XC40s are a smart premium SUV choice. Newer model years have improved reliability versus older XC40s.

Why It's a Great Used Car:
• Strong safety scores
• Upscale cabin materials
• Fuel efficient engine options
• Competitive pricing on used market
• Intuitive infotainment system

4. Used BMW 3 Series

Used BMW 3 Series
The BMW 3 Series luxury sedan remains a fantastic used buy. Used 3 Series offer impressive performance and handling. 

Why It's a Great Used Car:

  • Powerful engines and agile handling
  • Luxurious, driver-focused interior
  • Excellent build quality on recent models
  • Advanced technology and safety features
  • Strong resale value retention

Find the Best Used Car Deals Near You

Hopefully you now have a better idea of which used cars to target in your search.

  1. Use our website to browse many makes and models to find the ones that match your needs and budgets

  2. Use our Shortlist to quickly and easily compare multiple models at once side-by-side, to find the best car for you.

  3. Once you’ve found your dream car, you can reserve it online for only £99 to make sure you don’t miss out.

  4. Then book your test drive at your local Lloyd dealership to thoroughly test your chosen used car purchasing.

Whether you fancy a small hatch like the Used MINI Hatch, practical Used Kia Sportage, luxury Used BMW 3 Series or something else, we have a fantastic wide range of premium used cars to choose from. Do your research, set your budget, and you'll be driving away in your ideal used car in no time.

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Best Used Cars to Buy

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