27 March 2024

Meet Newcastle BMW's twins, Carla & Danni

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New members at Lloyd Newcastle BMW service team

Meet Carla and Danni Conlon, the newest members of the Lloyd Newcastle BMW service team. 

You would be forgiven for thinking that you might be seeing double if you have visited Lloyd Newcastle recently.  In Autumn, we had two new amazing starters in our Service Department, that just so happen to be identical twins. 

We caught up with Danni and Carla to get to know them better and find out what is the difference between them both....

Tell us about your yourselves?

Danni: "Hi my name is Danni and I am 23-Year-old. I have worked in the motor industry for just over a year now and have only ever worked with my twin Carla. The way people can tell the difference between me and Carla is most of the time I wear my hair down and Carla wears hers up".

Carla: " Hi im Carla, I was brought up with my two sisters here in Newcastle and have lived in my family home since birth. As a child I always loved baking. Still to this day I love to cook, my speciality is my cheesecakes".

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their career in the motor industry? 

Danni: "If you are like me and like to be kept busy, I would say a Service Advisor role is the ideal job for you. No day is the same and the variety of work helps to keep my days interesting and fun. Not to mention getting to work with an amazing team, who support and encourage you".

Carla: "Come in every day open minded and don’t be afraid, knowledge comes with time and you will continue to learn something new everyday. A service advisor role is customer facing, if you are a happy and helpful person, wanting to provide your customers with a first class service, this job is ideal for you. Being a service advisor is a very fast-paced role, you look at the clock once and next you know its home time".

Why did you want to work for Lloyd Motor Group?

Why did you want to work for Lloyd Motor Group?

" When I came in for my interview, I felt welcomed straight away. Lloyd is a family run business, who care about their staff and do everything they can to support and encourage them".

What are you enjoying most in your new role?

What are you enjoying most in your new role?

"Being able to give my customers the Service they deserve. I always look forward to having my own set customer list to look after throughout the day, I had heard so many great things about the business and the working atmosphere. Since starting, we have been made to feel incredibly welcome and supported, I couldn't recommend them more".

Talk us through a typical day in your role.
Danni : "First thing in the morning is the morning rush. This is when all your customers booked in for that day, drop their Vehicles off. Normally around 11am, all vehicles are on site and this is when we will catch up, calling customers with any updates found on their free vehicle health check. Between 3-5pm, we start receiving our finished jobs from the workshop and we will inform customers that their vehicle is ready for collection. Finally, we will ensure our service invoices are printed out to ensure a smooth customer check- out".

Carla: "Firstly I will check in my customers, making sure they have the My BMW app downloaded and talking through any costs. I will then keep them updated on the progress of their vehicle throughout the day. After workshop inspections, we can create an estimate and invoice for any issues that have been found. I will give these to the customer upon collection, making sure to mention the customer survey they can completed to rate the service which has been provided. At the end of every appointment, I always make sure to see my customers to their cars, making sure that every aspect of their BMW service experience is met".

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?  

Danni: "I absolutely love to shop and eat nice food!".

Carla: " Shopping, I cannot go into a shop without buying something!  Also love cooking homecooked meals".

This or That?

1.     Vacation or staycation?  Vacation.
2.    Passenger or driver? Passenger.
3.    Car or bike? Car.
4.    Phone call or Whatsapp?  Phone call.
5.    Sweet or Savoury?  Sweet.
6.    Dogs or Cats?  Dogs.
7.    Summer or Winter?  Summer.
8.    Night Owl or Early Riser? Early Riser.
9.    Coffee or Tea? Tea.
10.   Camping or Glamping? Glamping.

1.Vacation or staycation? Vacation. 
2.Passenger or driver? Passenger queen.  
3.Car or bike? Car. 
4.Phone call or Whatsapp?  Phone call.  
5.Take away or Meal out? Meal out, most of my wages out on meals out.
6.Sweet or Savoury?  Sweet always. 
7.Dogs or Cats? Dogs 
8.Summer or Winter? Summer. 
9.Night Owl or Early Riser? Early Riser. 
10.Coffee or Tea? Coffee mostly, tea only for Sundays.

At Lloyd, we are always looking for aspiring and driven individuals to join us and are delighted to welcome the twins to the Newcastle BMW team. We look forward to seeing where Danni and Carla's Lloyd journey takes them. 

If like the twins, Lloyd Motor Group sounds like the perfect place for you, browse our current vacancies here. 

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