15 December 2023

Winter Driving Tips

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Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips

As the nights get dark earlier and the weather takes a colder turn, driving conditions can get dangerous if you don’t take proper precautions. To help you throughout the winter months, we’ve pulled together some of our top tips for handling the challenges that come with winter driving. Read on to make sure you’re prepared for your next winter journey.

Properly Prepare

It’s important to prepare your car properly before taking on any winter driving, to ensure a smooth and safe journey. From topping up your screen wash to checking your engine oil, you can find out how to prepare your vehicle properly on our Seasonal Advice page.

Slow Down

Driving in icy conditions can be extremely dangerous in winter, and can reduce your ability to stop in time. When the roads are slippy, be sure to give yourself plenty of additional stopping distance between you and the car in front of you. It’s also a good idea to allow extra time for your winter journeys, and to plan your route around main roads that are more likely to be gritted.

Check Your Tyres

Before you set off, make sure that your tyres have the right pressure and tread, or consider winter tyres, which offer better handling and more traction. Discover more about tyre safetyhere on our website.

Clear Off All Snow and Ice

Clear your entire car of any snow and ice before setting off, including any ice or snow on the roof which could slide down and obstruct your view. Be sure to wait until your windows are completely demisted before setting off, too. 

Brake and Turn Gently

To prevent skidding, apply very gentle pressure when accelerating and braking. When turning, avoid abrupt movements of the wheel.

Pack an Emergency Winter Kit

Pack an emergency winter kit in your boot before you go on longer journeys, just in case. This should include items like warm clothes and blankets, shoes that are suitable in the snow, a torch, jump leads, warning triangles and snacks.

Following these winter driving safety tips can help you feel more in control when driving conditions take a cold turn. Remember, it’s always safer to defer travel when weather advisories recommend staying off the roads.

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