12 January 2024

New Cars 2024

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Your exclusive guide to the best new cars coming in 2024

Embark on a thrilling journey into the future, as we reveal the latest additions to our exceptional lineup. In this comprehensive guide, we showcase the crème de la crème of new cars for 2024, featuring iconic brands that redefine driving excellence. From electric marvels to luxurious SUVs, discover your dream car among these remarkable additions.

New MINI Countryman Electric

  1. MINI Electric Countryman

    Consciousness combined with the iconic MINI spirit. Experience the contemporary MINI-malism and sustainable charm of the MINI Electric Countryman. Explore how this bold electric SUV creates a trustworthy, all-electric partner in crime with more MINI Countryman fearlessness – and less of everything else. 

    •    Performance: Experience agile performance with electric power, delivering instant torque and a responsive driving experience. Reaching 62mph in as little as 5.6 seconds. Navigate with eco-conscious efficiency, minimising environmental impact and maximising driving range.
    •    Efficiency: A range of up to 287 miles* means almost nowhere is off-limits, while a completely new powertrain gives the first all-electric MINI Countryman a smooth yet exhilarating feeling.


    Electric Range Rover Launching 2024image source: media.landrover.com

  2. Range Rover Electric

    Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of luxury with the Range Rover Electric. This iconic brand is embracing electric power without compromising on elegance, and marks a new era for Range Rover. The waiting list for the Range Rover Electric is now open as the prototype testing phase begins. 

    •    Performance: The first fully electric vehicle from Range Rover is anticipated to be the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever created. Revel in a seamless blend of electric power and luxury, offering a smooth and powerful driving experience.


    Volvo EX90

  3. Volvo EX90

    Elevate your driving experience with the Volvo EX90. Delve into the world of Scandinavian luxury and discover the advanced features that set this SUV apart.

    •    Performance: Command the road with powerful performance, coupled with Volvo's commitment to safety and innovation, makes each drive a ride to remember. 408hp. 0 - 62mph in 5.9 seconds
    •    Efficiency: Embrace efficient Scandinavian engineering, combining performance with responsible consumption. Up to 363 electric mile range. Charge from 10 - 80% in 30 minutes.
    •    Safety: The Volvo EX90 is setting new benchmarks in SUV safety. With lidar and interior occupant sensing, the Volvo EX90 reached Volvo's highest standard level of safety ever.


    BMW X2

  4. BMW X2

    Unleash the dynamic prowess of the BMW X2. Explore its sleek design and performance features that make it a standout in the world of compact SUVs.

    •    Performance: Unleash dynamic prowess with a perfect blend of power and agility, setting the standard for compact SUVs. Its 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine produces maximum output of 221 kW/300 hp in Europe (233 kW/317 hp in USA and other markets). The new BMW X2 M35i xDrive sprints to 100 km/h (62 mph) from rest in 5.4 seconds. 

    •    Safety: Benefit from BMW's cutting-edge safety technology, ensuring confidence and security on the road. The standard and optional assistance systems for automated driving and parking available in the new BMW X2 increase comfort and safety.
    Standard features include the front collision warning system, Cruise Control with brake function, Speed Limit Info and Lane Departure Warning with lane return. The Parking Assistant including Reversing Assist Camera and Reversing Assistant also forms part of the standard equipment roster.


    New MINI Cooper Electric

  5. MINI Cooper Electric

    Experience a classic reborn with the MINI Cooper Electric. Discover the perfect fusion of timeless appeal and cutting-edge electric capabilities.

    •    Performance: Rediscover a classic with a modern twist, delivering a spirited driving experience with electric power. Available in two performance options: the E variant offers 184hp. Where the bumped-up performance of the SE offers an electrifying 218hp.
    •    Fuel Efficiency: Embrace the future of driving with eco-friendly efficiency, without compromising on MINI's iconic appeal. The E variant offers up to 190 miles of electric driving, where the SE offers an electrifying range of upto 250 miles. Go green with your new MINI Cooper.
    •    Safety: Experience a blend of tradition and innovation, ensuring safety at every turn. With LED headlights, Cruise Control (DCC), Driving Assistant, rear view camera and parking assistant.

    BMW iX2
  6. BMW iX2

    Dive into the future of electric mobility with the BMW iX2. Discover its innovative technology and sustainable driving solutions that redefine the driving experience.

    •    Performance: Dive into the future of electric mobility with innovative technology, delivering a thrilling driving experience. An all-electric variant will be part of the new SAC line-up from launch in the shape of the BMW iX2 xDrive30. Its two highly integrated drive units – one at the front axle and one at the rear – together generate a system output of 230 kW/313 hp (including temporary boost), and system torque of 494 Nm (364 lb-ft). The iX2 xDrive30 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.6 seconds on the way to a top speed of 180 km/h (112 mph).
    •    Efficiency: Embrace sustainability with the BMW iX2, setting new standards in eco-friendly driving. A combination of the high-voltage battery’s impressive 64.8 kWh of usable energy and the high efficiency of the drive system enable a range of 417 – 449 kilometres (259 – 279 miles) in the WLTP cycle.


    Kia EV3

  7. Kia EV3

    Coming soon. Step into the future with the Kia Concept EV3. 

    •    Performance: cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly features that make this electric vehicle a game-changer, with a dynamic and efficient driving experience.
    •    Design:  Leverages natural fibre structures enabling lightweight seat design with more elegant aesthetics and nature-inspired colour tones


    New INEOS Quartermaster

  8. INEOS Quartermaster

    Explore the robust and adventurous INEOS Quartermaster. Its off-road capabilities and innovative design redefine the concept of rugged utility.

    •    Performance: Explore rugged terrain with off-road capabilities, showcasing robust performance in challenging conditions. With a BMW 3.0L, Straight-Six Engine and 8-Speed Automatic Transmission with Manual Override along with Off-Road & Wading Modes, Centre Differential Lock and Front & Rear Skid Plates and much more.
    •    Fuel Efficiency: Navigate off-road landscapes with an efficient design that balances power and fuel economy.
    •    Safety: Experience durability and safety innovations that redefine the concept of rugged utility. With the following specifications; Intelligent Speed Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, Driver Drowsiness Detection, Pathfinder Off-Road Navigation and Park Assist Rear (PDC).

    MINI Aceman

  9. MINI Aceman

    Unleash a new era of versatility with the MINI Concept Aceman, an initial design preview of its future model generation. This dynamic crossover will seamlessly combine the iconic MINI design with off-road capabilities, creating a vehicle that's ready for any adventure.  This concept car puts the spotlight on the design and technological innovations MINI sees as defining the brand of the future. 

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