08 May 2024

The Benefits of Leasing Business Cars

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Business car leasing is a fantastic option for business owners and their employees, allowing them to drive a brand-new car every few years, and simply return it after the lease period. With business car leasing, you can drive a new vehicle for fixed monthly payments, and lease multiple models if you need a fleet. Read on to discover more about the benefits of leasing business cars.


The Benefits of Business Car Leasing


1. Business Car Lease Tax Benefits

When you lease a car through your business, you can reclaim tax costs paid towards the lease if you’re a VAT registered company. You can claim 50% of the VAT back if the car is used for both personal and business use, and 100% if it is used only for business purposes.

Find out more about the tax benefits of a company car scheme below. 



2. Access to the Latest Safety Features & Tech

The latest safety features and technology

As opposed to buying a second-hand car, leasing a new business vehicle will mean that you have access to all of the latest safety features and technologies. By choosing to lease new cars for your staff, you can rest assured that your fleet has the latest features and that you’ll be providing your employees with safer, more efficient vehicles.

We’re proud to have business lease cars available from the following brands, all of which offer the latest technology and safety features:

3. Less Money Spent Upfront

With business car leasing, you can drive away in a brand-new lease vehicle for a much smaller upfront cost in comparison to purchasing vehicles outright. This means that your cash flow won’t be stretched, and money is freed up to help other areas of your business. By spreading the cost over monthly payments, you can better manage your cash flow and allocate resources more efficiently. 

At Lloyd Motor Group, we’re proud to offer a variety of business offers, to make leasing as straightforward and simple as possible. Browse our current business offers below. 

Business Offers


4. Electric Business Car Benefits

Electric Business Car Benefits

Considering a business lease on an electric car could be an excellent idea; For electric cars, the current Benefit in Kind rate is 2% until April 2025. Electric vehicles are also exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty until 2025.

At Lloyd Motor Group, our business range offers mild hybrids, self-charging hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fully electric cars. If you’re looking to run an EV fleet, our experts are here to help. Find out more about EV fleets below.



5. No Worries About Depreciation or Reselling

When you lease a business vehicle, the payments account for the expected depreciation during the lease period. You also won’t need to sell the car if you want a new one, you simply give it back and can organise a new deal at the end of the lease period. Explore all of the brand-new models available for business leasing below.



6. One Fixed Monthly Cost

One Fixed Monthly Cost

With business car leasing, monthly payments are fixed, so you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending each month and can budget around this. Your monthly payments will normally include annual road tax as standard, too. Unlike ownership, where expenses can fluctuate due to maintenance, repairs, and depreciation, leasing payments are consistent.

When it comes to business leasing, our expert teams are here to help you decide which finance options are best for you.  Learn more about the business finance options available at Lloyd Motor Group, including BCH and BHP.



7. Provide an Incentive for Your Staff

Providing a company car for your employees is an excellent addition to your business’s benefits package, which can help to attract and retain employees. Having this option can be seen as a valuable perk, and can positively set your organisation apart.


8. Expert Advice at Lloyd Motor Group

Expert advice at Lloyd Motor Group

Leasing business cars offers a host of benefits for companies, from financial benefits to enhanced flexibility and access to the latest safety features and technology for their employees.

Here at Lloyd Motor Group, our team of experts are here to help you find the perfect business car, whether you’re a small business user or looking to manage a fleet.

If you’re thinking of leasing business vehicles, you can find each of our dedicated Business Development Managers below, as well as your nearest Lloyd location.



Latest Business Offers at Lloyd Motor Group

Experience the thrill of driving a new car and unlock new possibilities for your business ventures.

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